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We will only have a limited amount of new dynasty leagues this year. Help us decide what leagues to put up next! You can submit what type you are interested in here and be notified when it's up! This is how we decide what to put up in the lobby.

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Redraft leagues, one-timers, and the return of the SafeLeagues 500 coming in July!

These are for everyone! Whether you enjoy higher stakes, are an experienced dynasty player, a new dynasty player, play at higher volume, lower volume... anyone can join these!
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Sold Out... New leagues should be up soon, we are only opening a small number this year! Please Check Back!


*There is an SHGN Regulatory fee of $6.95 or less for all leagues.

*There is a deposit for all dynasty leagues to be paid when entering a new startup dynasty league. It is NOT a payment for the following year. This deposit will be refunded if an team manager is still a paid up member of the league at the time it ends. Should a team manager leave or get removed, their deposit is forfeited and will go to help us defray the cost of replacing teams.

Turn location on to pay -- Do not use an Apple ID hidden email relay to join.

Once you pay, you will receive an invite to the league host within a couple hours.

Drafts: 4 hours with 8 hour overnight pause -- Start: 10AM EST, day after filling. (all leagues are this unless otherwise marked).

Auctions: proxy, 16 hour timer resets on high bidder change, 60 player board, 5 nomination max per team at a time

SF/TE: Superflex / Tight End Premium (they get 2.0 PPR)

You can't purchase new teams if you abandoned 3 or more teams or are banned for any other reason.

SafeLeagues/Throwback pays for licensing and registration in nearly all states that have one and allow fantasy sports to be played. Due to this, there are only a few states where fantasy sports are banned: Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Vermont, or Washington. Fantasy Sports are now banned in the province of Ontario as well effective April 4th, 2022 due to the recent gambling bill they passed. We are legal in all other states and parts of Canada. Unfortunately SafeLeagues/Throwback, like all season long fantasy contest operators, isn’t legal outside of US/Canada.

  • True dynasty
  • 28 player roster
  • No DST or K
  • $30-$500 entry
  • True dynasty
  • 28 player roster
  • No DST or K
  • $30-$500 entry
  • No in-season trading
  • No in-season waivers
  • True dynasty
  • 28 player roster
  • $75 entry
  • Start 0-2 QBs
  • Start 0-10 RB/WR/TE
  • No DST or K
  • 18 player roster
  • 9 starters
  • 9 bench
  • 3 IR spots
  • 1-2 QB, 2-5 RB, 2-5, WR, 1-4 TE
  • 100 team league
  • 6 player lineups (submit lineup each week, can't use twice)
  • 1-2 QB, 1-3 RB, 1-3 WR, 1-4 TE
  • Weekly High Score prizes
  • There is a "Safeleagues 500" Variation as well!
  • True dynasty
  • 30 player roster
  • No DST or K
  • $75 entry
  • $1000 bonus to Series Cup Champion after 3 years


  • True dynasty
  • 22 player roster
  • No DST or K
  • Large progressive pot
  • Back to back champ wins the pot and the league ends
  • 2025 will be final year of existing leagues
  • True Dynasty
  • 16 player roster
  • DST and K
  • Large progressive pot
  • Back to back champ wins the pot and the league ends
  • 2025 will be final year of existing leagues
  • 20-25 player rosters
  • 10 starters
  • 1 QB, 1-3 RB, 3-5 WR, 1-3 TE, 1 K, 1 DST
  • Weekly High Score Payouts


SafeLeagues is run by Scott Fish, creator of the world's most famous fantasy league: The ScottFishBowl and host of the Commission Impossible podcast. He is credited with inventing devy leagues, bankroll leagues, and many other now-popular formats in the industry. He also was named person of the year by The Athletic in 2018, was FSGA's Humanitarian of the year in 2019, and won the Matthew Berry Game Changer Award in 2021.
SafeLeagues is co-commished by Ryan McDowell. He also hosts the Commission Impossible podcast, and is a senior partner at Dynasty League Football and many of the today's fun dynasty rules (like giving the toilet bowl winner the 1.13, dispersal drafts, and more) came from his innovative brain. You can also find his work at NBC Sports Edge (formerly Rotoworld).

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Legal in 42 states and Canada!



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